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Planning / Pre-Production

We take your brief and plan the direction for your virtual tour, keeping in close communication so you can have as much or as little involvement/input as you wish.

Using the Pro3 camera, we capture high-resolution 3D imagery of your space, ensuring all details are faithfully reproduced.

We process the captured data to create an interactive 3D model that users can navigate with ease. This includes refinement of visuals, addition of interactive elements, and quality checks.

We help you integrate the virtual tour on your website or other platforms, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.

Why Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours offer several benefits, including increased engagement, better understanding of space and layout, and the ability to explore at one’s own pace. Furthermore, they are an innovative and modern way to showcase your property, service or business, setting you apart from competitors.

Where can your business utilise Virtual Tours?

There are multiple ways that you can utilise our Virtual Tour services to expand, add value and grow your business, including:

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Powerful Add-ons.

Unlock the full potential of your 3D models with cutting-edge Matterport add-ons.

The MatterPak™ Bundle equips you with comprehensive resources such as point clouds, ceiling plans, and high-resolution floor plans, easily integrated into third-party applications for further analysis or usage.

With the Schematic Floor Plans add-on, you are provided with clear, black-and-white floor plans for a better understanding of the space.

The VR compatibility add-on offers an immersive, in-depth tour experience, or you can create a compelling Highlight Reel to showcase specific features.

Mattertag™ Posts annotate features within your model, providing crucial information to your clients or prospective buyers.

Measurement Mode enables precise measurements directly from your 3D model, ensuring accurate data for planning or renovation purposes.

And don’t forget the popular Google Street View add-on, which extends your reach by making your spaces easily discoverable to a global audience. Leverage Matterport add-ons and raise the bar for your business today!

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