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We have been working with TARS on PPC advertising since 2021. After the success of these campaigns as a short term strategy we have now started on their long term SEO strategy.

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The challenge

With an existing website that was underperforming from SEO perspective, the main challenge was rebuilding the website in an SEO friendly way to allow our in house experts to create and add content in a quick and cost efficient way.

The approach

With the help of some initial keyword research we restructured the website so target keywords had dedicated landing pages. In addition we increased the website speed and UX. Conversation rate optimisation was a major consideration with the rebuild.

The result

Off the back of having dedicated landing pages and CRO, we have seen a healthy uplift in conversions both paid and organic. 

With the SEO strategy still in its infancy we are now starting to see positive signs with ranked keywords now twice what they were previously.

What we did


After identifying services with the highest profit margin we setup both search and display campaigns. The search campaign is lead generation focused which is currently achieving under a £17 CPC. The display campaign focuses on brand awareness and reaches a large potential customer base using a combination of interest targeting, behaviour and lookalike audiences.

Paid Media

Web Design

Although not in TARS’ initial plans redeveloping the website was necessary to maximise the ROAS from the PPC campaigns and allow for further content expansion to facilitate the ongoing SEO work. We have introduced a dynamic CMS which allows digital marketers to build landing pages rather than having to reply on developers time. This keeps cost to a minimum while ensuring the content is still optimised for conversion. 

Web Design


Our ultimate strategy is to become less reliant on PPC. Ranking well for valuable keywords will both help improve conversion rate and allow us to reduce ad spend. The reduced ad spend provides additional fund to fuel further organic growth. With TARS being one of the leading suppliers across Essex and Suffolk and using Googles E-A-T principles we are able to prove authority through backlink acquisition and quality content.

Search Engine Optimisation

“TARS use the services of Reach Digital to grow our business online, the Google Ads campaigns are generating a healthy return on investment for the business and we are reinvesting the profits into SEO. We have high expectations but so far these are being exceeded. Good people with a great work ethic.”

James Carter, Director
Total Aggregate Recycling Solutions Ltd

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