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Forever Buddies are a start up brand that specialise in sourcing and distributing the best health supplements for cats and dogs.

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The challenge

Forever Buddies is a brand that brings positive change to the lives of pets throughout the UK. With such a beneficial product, it was essential that their branding, spanning from logos to web design, should encapsulate this spirit. We suggested a complete rebrand and rebuild for Forever Buddies, which would infuse their brand with vitality and engagement, enabling them to confidently stride into their competitive market. This rebranding would also positively influence their marketing strategy. By enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of their website, and by refining the overall customer journey, we projected an increase in the conversion rate by up to 11%, solely from these modifications.

Following this, Forever Buddies approached Reach for a paid marketing proposal, aiming to achieve a clear CPA target whilst simultaneously bolstering brand awareness and reputation amongst their target demographic.

The approach

Our journey began with intensive data collection. The team carried out audience sizing research, revealing the scope of relevant users reachable across paid social media platforms. Given the substantial volume identified, we developed a comprehensive minimum and stretch forecast to present to the client.

Next, we audited the existing website and brand, demonstrating the potential impact of a rebrand and rebuild on the initial forecast. We collaborated with the Forever Buddies team to create a website mock-up, giving the client a tangible sense of their future brand.

Based on the paid social media forecast, we concluded that between 80%-85% of website traffic would originate from mobile users, as opposed to desktop. Consequently, our design and development team prioritised creating a mobile-first website, where user experience was paramount, without compromising on visual appeal.

The result

We maintained regular communication with Forever Buddies throughout the process, ensuring that they were aware and comfortable with all changes, thereby enhancing our efficiency. We also developed an asset pack and ad copy variation pack to construct various ad variations within the Meta Suite. The outcome is a modern, disruptive website and brand pack that provide a striking first impression to new users and enduring appeal to repeat customers. We have established a brand-new business manager account for Forever Buddies, adhering strictly to best practices.

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What we did

Brand Development

the brand’s mission and values allowed us to develop a brand strategy that truly resonated with its core message. This included the design of a vibrant and engaging logo that accurately reflected the brand’s identity, as well as the development of a compelling brand pack to create consistency across all platforms.

In addition, we provided a comprehensive style guide to ensure that the brand’s visual identity could be maintained in all future marketing and promotional activities. Throughout this process, we made certain that the brand remained authentic, appealing, and relatable, thus enabling Forever Buddies to form deeper connections with their target audience.

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Recognising the crucial role of a seamless online shopping experience, we prioritised the design and build of an intuitive e-commerce platform. We implemented a user-friendly interface, featuring organised product categories and clear, concise product descriptions, ensuring that customers could effortlessly browse and purchase products.

Furthermore, we integrated a customised WooCommerce platform to streamline the checkout process, thus reducing cart abandonment rates and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Alongside this, we developed a mobile-first approach to cater to the growing trend of mobile shoppers, ensuring an optimal shopping experience regardless of the device used.

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PPC & Paid Social

We executed a dual approach encompassing both Paid Social and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategies to maximise brand exposure and drive customer acquisition. Our team conducted thorough audience research to identify the most relevant users across various paid social media platforms, enabling us to create targeted ad campaigns that resonate with potential customers. We created a variety of ad copy variations, accompanied by visually captivating assets, to engage and attract the target audience.

Concurrently, we implemented PPC strategies that included keyword research, bid management, and continuous campaign optimisation to improve visibility in search engine results and drive quality traffic to the Forever Buddies website. This comprehensive approach ensured that Forever Buddies not only reached their desired audience but also converted them into loyal customers.

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“I’ve been using Reach for over a year and I can’t praise them enough, they have enthusiastic attention to detail and creative drive. Special thanks to Ryan who has always made time for my questions. I would definitely recommend this company.”

Damian Phillip, Owner

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