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Using social media advertising, Reach Digital continues to partner alongside Guinea Pig Magazine to reach their goals. Since the incorporation of paid social advertising, Guinea Pig Magazine has grown their subscriber network by over 3,000, doubled the website average order value and drove over 51,000+ targeted clicks into the website.

All things Guinea Pigs

The challenge

Guinea Pig Magazine is the world’s only dedicated magazine to pet guinea pigs. This fun and informative magazine was adored amongst the initial readership, with Ventura’s mission to expose the brand to a global audience and showcase the wonderful content, imagery and advice that is omnipresent throughout the magazine.

The approach

We have been able to identify a highly engaged community that is active across the relevant paid social platform. We are able to target those individuals through a combination of both interest-based targeting and lookalike audiences.

We utilise weekly testing alongside daily optimisations across the account in order to establish which targeting methodology for both prospect audiences and remarketing audiences are delivering the highest quality CPA and ROAS metrics.

The performance across the account is largely positive and reflects the opportunity to implement sequential marketing funnels that run through set stages during publication months and into non-publication months on a bi-monthly basis.

The result

As a result of the high volume testing at multiple stages of the conversion funnel, we experienced slightly inflated CPM’s due to frequent manipulation of the audience size (the smaller the audience size, the higher the cost to serve ads typically).

However, this increased cost was entirely offset through an all-time clickthrough rate of 2.35% and conversion rate of 4.89% – significantly above industry averages. Whilst it was more expensive to serve the ads within the paid social platform, the quality of audience that we were reaching was of a high standard and resulted in high levels of traffic being driven into the website at an efficient CPC and consistently high CVRs.

What we did

Social media ads

Following the categorisation of audiences, Reach’s paid social media experts have set up campaigns in Facebook and Instagram using interest-based targeting. From here pixel data was utilised to build specific audiences, increasing traffic to the Guinea Pig Magazine’s website and increasing conversions to maximise ROI.

Paid media


Implemented heatmap technology on the Guinea Pig Magazine website to monitor user activity in order to capture an engaged audience with popular website content. CRO tools were also used to decipher at which point in the purchasing process customers dropped out, allowing us to re-target these users in paid social campaigns.

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Ad copywriting

Frequent ad copy production from our in-house copywriting team specifically for Guinea Pig Magazine in order to A/B test different key messages, CTAs, landing pages and ad copy formatting/layout. By running frequent tests, we are able to establish which style of copy is the optimum performer across different campaigns and ad sets, so the next wave of production is built around best performing variations.

Website Development

We developed a new custom website based on an existing square space site design, bringing it over to wordpress.

Our focus was on improving the sites core web vitals creating a more light weight site with improved loading times and UX.

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Advanced Functionality

GPM has an array of advanced functions in relation to subscriptions, management and fulfillment. One of the major project challenges was ensuring these processes were improved during the rebuild.

The finished result is a more efficient e-commerce engine that has solved many time consuming issues the customer was experiencing on the square space platform.

Platform Migration

We undertook the most advanced data migration we had ever completed on this project. Moving customer data from Square space to Woocommerce whilst keeping the subscriptions active so the customers did not have to resubscribe was an enormous task.

We completed this whilst ensuring the customers payment information was never exported.

“We knew we had a great magazine but just needed to get the word out – Reach helped us do this. In the beginning we had some hesitancy, could we get a positive return on our investment in marketing and would we be able to manage the cash flow? But our growth over the last year has been sensational and we can’t thank the team at Reach enough – they have made it all very easy for us.”

Rik Cridland
Director & Co-owner, Guinea Pig Magazine

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