The social media business trend

Social media management for businesses

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade or more, you will know the immense popularity of Social Media among those who seemingly have a mobile phone surgically attached to their hand, scrolling through Twitter and Facebook timelines, uploading filtered images to Instagram or connecting with the next Sir Richard Branson on Linkedin, the question is where does the social media business trend fit within your company ethos?

It’s now easier to effectively promote your product/service to a customer interested, with contact never too far away. However, believe it or not, companies are still stuck in the dark ages with no online light to shed on their business.

You may think your business doesn’t need it because ‘it’s not the right industry’ or ‘business is OK at the moment. We would argue that the future online says otherwise.

You don’t need us to tell you to be prepared for the future when it comes to how you run your business, but it is important that organizations are up to date and have that all-important online presence, notably through social media channels.

Why your business needs social media

In essence, many businesses are not using Social Media effectively; and some aren’t using online platforms at all. Effective social media management makes a successful online base for your company to thrive, whether it is down to not having the time to constantly update their profiles with engaging content or simply can’t be bothered or see the point.

Social Media has the power to take your business to the next level. You have the opportunity to build a community and a brand and generate awareness for your product or service.

Your customers are the heart of your business, so it is now more beneficial than ever to give them platforms to speak, whether that be through promoting, complaining or praising your company. Customers like to know that a company is active on Social Media. Big or small, industry-leading or not. After all, if a business isn’t active on social media, customers are often put off from exploring further as they believe the business is no longer trading or isn’t ‘up to date – social media is more important than you know!

Showcase your products and services

Nevertheless, Social Media isn’t just about communication. Social media is also about behaviour. A business online needs to show customers what they’re doing, not just tell them – actions speak louder than words.

For instance, if your business provides online delivery and a customer’s order goes missing, the social media dialogue about the incident should show what the company has done to resolve the problem. Thus, making the customer feel like a priority. Of course, they may still be angry, but it gives the individual question and anyone else witnessing the conversation more clarity over your company.

Furthermore, each social media platform caters to a different type of audience. Therefore, it’s up to a company to be flexible in this day and age. For example, take the difference between Instagram and Linkedin, both platforms are worth utilizing, but each has unique benefits.


Instagram is very much image-based, showcasing images of products, events and stories behind the brand. This approach ensures a business comes across as personable and fun, attracting followers worldwide.

Linkedin is much more business orientated. It is effectively an online professional networking avenue with the aim of connecting and potentially working with a plethora of other business owners, managing directors, CEOs etc., fulfilling their respective services for other individual needs.

In addition, because online platforms are so diverse and different, it can be tricky to stay regular, especially when other areas of your business are more pressing.

Professional Social Media Management

The professionals at Reach Digital have an expert understanding of social media activity and how best to use each platform.

We take the pressure off your commercial social media usage; we are able to manage your online platforms for you completely. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin can become active and generate the online custom you require through professionally written and designed content, promoting your product/service with eye-catching graphic designed images.

The depth in which connections can be made with your audience is vital. So we take the time to learn what your business is all about and give it an essential online voice through your community, built within a bespoke strategy tailored to your requirements.

In addition, we will closely track, measure and assess your social media and its success now and into the future.

Our Social Media Management service ensures that your online community can no longer ignore your organization in the digital world.

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