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Paid Media is becoming an increasingly vital element to companies’ marketing strategy across the world. Paid media marketing allows you to identify your target demographic and reach them specifically in a cost-effective, yet focussed manner. Whilst SEO will always be the most effective long-term strategy, paid media makes an immediate and sizable impact aligned to your business goals; from driving geo-targeted, refined traffic at scale to driving direct sales and conversions.

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We are an official Google Partner. As such, you can be confident knowing your ad spend is being used efficiently.

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We identify your current and potential customers presence across all social media platforms.

Partnered with Facebook, we typically target across both Instagram and Facebook through the Meta Business suite. This platform, once again, unlocks the door to a huge volume of online users which can be refined to match your target demographic and is best suited to D2C advertising or brand awareness campaigns. Story placement advertising across Instagram has been one of the most effective click generators at our disposal so far in 2022.

If your business operates within the tech or media industry then Twitter is the ideal platform for you. With a list of accurate and refined presets, Twitter advertising is incredibly successful for businesses within that tech and media sector. The in-app installation function presents a priceless advertising opportunity for businesses looking to promote their new app.

The perfect platform for B2B advertising. LinkedIn provides the unique opportunity to target users based on their industry, company size, job role and job title (as well as an array of other factors). This platform is ideal for lead generation. The integration of the insight pixel with your website also provides a detailed breakdown on the users that have engaged with your ads for increased transparency and key insight for future optimisation.

A newer and constantly growing platform ideally utilised by businesses looking to advertise a visual product/service. Pinterest has a high volume of engaged female users.

TikTok is the fastest growing platform in the social-sphere. With over 150 million users per day, the platform has become an increasingly popular element of people’s social media consumption. The platform offers cost effective advertising opportunities. Ideal for D2C e-comm advertising with a slightly younger demographic..

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