Do I need to update my company website?

Table of Contents

  1. How is your website performing currently
  2. Is your website mobile optimised
  3. Is your website free of errors
  4. Is your content relevant

How is your website performing currently

If not, then it could mean that a website update is required. Although the website may still function, you will find that you fall down the list in relation to search engine rankings.

The reason for this is because search engines such as Google have updated their rules when it comes to listing a website in its search results, so those who have had their website for some time may need to carry out an update to ensure that it meets the requirements of today’s online user as well as the rule of search engines like Google.

Is Your Website Mobile Optimised?

While your website may look fine on a desktop, it could be a different story when a visitor lands on your page via mobile device. If the website isn’t optimised for mobile users, not only will it mean the user experience is hindered, it will also mean that your website won’t rank as well, which means less traffic overall.

Fear not, as all is not lost. Hiring a professional to give your website an overhaul can mean that any detrimental elements of your website are removed, and that it is fully mobile optimised offering an excellent user experience, regardless of the device they’re using to visit your site.

Is Your Website Free of Errors?

Maintaining a website during the early stages shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but as it grows, so does the work that needs to be carried out. If you’ve to contend with other aspects of the business, then it’s easy for the workload to pile up. However, failing to carry out some updates could mean that your website is not functioning as it should, which can lead to a series of errors on your website.

Expectations are high when it comes to a company website, so if a customer was to run into a section of the website that displayed an error, then it’s likely they will move onto the next website.

Rather than an expense, employing the services of a professional should be seen as an investment. If your website is working in the right way, then it’s more likely to engage customers, which often means they make a purchase or enquire about a service.

Is Your Content Relevant?

It may surprise you to learn that the content you have on your site can influence where you rank in search results. While keyword research remains a vital aspect of SEO, a business also needs to ensure that the content being created is able to offer value to the visitor.

As well as offering more value to the customer, having the right kind of content in place also ensures that you’re able to entice new customers. If you’re not sure of where to start when it comes to crafting your content, then it may be worthwhile considering the services of a professional.