5 basic ways to increase organic page rank

Table of Contents

  1. Make use of business citations
  2. Refresh your keyword research
  3. Sign up to social media
  4. Update content
  5. Update your company website

Five Simple SEO Changes To Increase Rankings

Although backlinks and on page keywords are still important, there are now many other factors to consider. 

If the SEO of your business is currently losing traction, then it could be worthwhile considering the following changes;

1. Make Use of Business Citations

 Local SEO may not be on your radar, but it’s still a vital part of SEO, given how many mobile users there are. Not only does offering citations on Google My Business and similar platforms help raise your profile, it also allows for reviews to be left, which can also aid with page ranking.

2. Refresh Your Keyword Research

 Although a business may have carried out keyword research, it’s worth noting that search terms can change over time.

 A business also needs to ensure that it is using keyword research in the right way, and ensuring that keywords are used naturally rather than forced in.

3. Sign Up to Social Media

 It would be easy to assume that social media has no place in SEO, but nothing could be further from the truth. As well as encouraging other businesses to link to your content, it can also aid SEO, as Google can favour posts that have a large social media following.

4. Update Content

 Many businesses may be putting its efforts into creating new content, but it can be worthwhile looking over old content to see if it can be updated in any way. Making a few edits can ensure that your content remains evergreen, as well as remaining prevalent to search bots.

5. Update your Company Website

Although the content a company is creating may be crafted in the right way, some business owners may be scratching their heads as to why it’s not gaining traction online.

 Modern-day SEO requires more than creative content, search engines also need the website its users are viewing to act in the right way.

As well as ensuring that the website loads quickly, it also needs to be mobile-friendly. This is because the majority of those making online searches now do so via a mobile device.

If a customer must pinch the screen to find their way around a website, or wait some time for the website to load, it’s likely that the website will fall in the rankings as a result.

If the company can’t overhaul the website itself, then it needs to outsource the work to a professional as soon as possible.

There’s no denying that instilling these practices can take some time, depending on where the business is at with its SEO.

If there is currently no free time, it can be worthwhile instructing a professional to carry out the work. Although there will be a cost associated with professional SEO, it actually helps a business rank in the right way and win more business, so it’s an investment worth making.